Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a shower!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a bridal shower for my dear, dear, dear, DEAR cousin, Katy Brown (Isaacs)!  It was a special time with our great-aunts from our MaMaw's side of the family. 
Here are the details...
(Warning...lots of pics!) :)
The front of our invitation...
(Please excuse the red and blue lines...this was a screen shot before we ordered them!)
Flower Pom-Poms

Sewing the Garland

The Table


Katy's Corsage...Made by Momma and Me

The Lovely Mrs. Isaacs-to-Be

Katy with her Grandmothers

A Beautiful Group of Special Ladies

Kandace and Leah

Oh...I love the punch! :)

Opening Gifts

The Four of Us, Girls
Pillow Covers for Katy...Made by Me

The wedding will be here, before we know it!  I am so excited for Katy and Josh...I know the Lord will bless them for honoring Him in every aspect of their relationship and future marriage.
Katy (and Josh), I love you, dearly!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye to the Garden

A very blessed September 1st to you! 
Today we got the garden cleaned out.  (Whew, it was humid!)  I love the garden, but am always glad to have all the dead vines and plants out.  There were several times this year that we thought it wouldn't make it, but it did and we were blessed with a great harvest! 

We will be wanting those bright red tomatoes in January...I guess that's what the canned ones are for!
Tomatoes to be wonderful Momma worked hard on canning this year!  We (Leah and I) helped when we could, but she did a lot while we were doing school.
Now for some odds and ends:
A "C" pillow for some dear latest sewing project.  :)

Oh-so-good!  A new favorite in the Church household...chocolatey-peanut buttery-oreo goodness.
A year ago, today, we had a major storm come through and some trees to fall...looking back is a great reminder of the Lord's protection!  You can read about it here.
Well, that was a scattered blog post!  It has been a busy, hot month...I am ready for FALL!  Pretty leaves, cooler weather, pumpkin spice candles, here I come!  :)
Many blessings and much love!