Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Doings

It is definitely, hot, hot!  (And did I mention that it was hot?)  :)  This is the time of year that I am so thankful for good ol' air condition!  It is, indeed, a blessing!

Well, on to our "summer doings"...

We have been canning away the weeks of July.  Here is the inventory of our canning shelf in the basement...

122 qts. of green beans
14 pts. of blackberry jam
7 qts. of tomato juice
7 pts. of salsa

The tomatoes are just starting to come in full-force, so we hope to have more for juicing and canning!

The tomatoes went from this... this..., finally, this!

I have sewn several things this month, including a "gathering" apron.  This apron is used for gathering veggies in the garden and can also be a normal apron.  I saw one at our local "open air market" and wanted to make one!  Only one Momma said I couldn't use this one (it was "too pretty").  I am going to have to make an ugly one, so that when it gets dirty, it won't matter!  :)

The "normal" apron

All tied up!

Lots of room for veggies!

My sister, Leah, also made an apron.  I am teaching her to sew...she made this all by herself!  (Makes her big sissy proud!)  :)

Speaking of Leah, we are preparing to celebrate her 13th birthday on Monday!  We have invited all the family and we are going to honor her as she becomes a young adult!  It is a special time as Daddy, the grandfathers, and uncles share about what the Lord has meant to them!  The grandmothers and aunts will give Leah a special "keepsake" item for her hopechest.  They, along with the cousins, will give her a "keepsake" letter.  Momma will share about being a godly lady and I will assists in the hymns!  This is not your usual birthday "party"!  It is a special, memorable time...celebrating Leah's Bat Mitzvah*!

*Even though we are not Jewish, we celebrate the transition from childhood to adulthood.  We believe at the age of thirteen a child becomes a young adult...based on the Bible!  More is expected of them and the bar is raised.  Speaking from personal experience, it is a blessing to have that "bar" set high and be expected to act like an adult!

So with that said, "Happy early birthday, Leah!"  I love you so much!  You're the best, ever!

Thanks for listening to (oops...reading :) ) my ramblings!

Many blessings!


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Savories of Life said...

I think your posts are great. I ahve a sister who jsut tunred 13th on the 18th of July!