Saturday, January 19, 2013

College {at} Home-Why?

I get a lot of questions about college.  After all, I am a homeschool graduate, so I "need" to gain my "freedom" and go off to college.  (I use the words in quotations very loosely.)  I am not saying a college education is bad, but I am getting ahead of myself!  I would like to share my answers to the, "3 Why's of College at Home..."
{1.}  "Why at home?"
What's so special about being home, in the first place?  I am so glad you asked!  :)  According to the Bible (our greatest guidebook), daughters stayed under their father's protection, until the Lord brought their husbands, if marriage was His plan.  For example, the story of Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 24) shows that Rebekah was still in her father's care, when Abraham's servant met her at the well.  She was spending her days serving her family.  Another example, is Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 29).  Even Esther was under her guardian's (cousin's) protection, when she was summoned to the king (Esther 2).  With that said, I am a firm believer that daughters are supposed to stay under their father’s/parent’s protection, until the Lord brings their husbands, if He so wills.  Therefore, “going off to college” is not an option, for me.  I find such joy in being a daughter-at-home!
{2.} "Why do you want a college education?"
My heart’s desire is to be a stay-at-home mom/wife (Titus 2:4-5), therefore I don’t need a degree to get a job. I am pursuing my BA, for the sole purpose of being prepared, in case our nation requires a college education to homeschool your children. 
{3.} "Why CLEP's?"
My mom and dad prayed for years for a way to do “college” at home...even when I was a little!  The Lord brought CLEP’s into our lives and we haven’t looked back since! We are so grateful for this option and praise the Lord for His faithfulness to answer our prayers.  Pursuing a degree through CLEPing allows me to stay at home, but also earn my degree!  I am under my father's protection and I am able to pursue different interests, while doing school.  
You might ask, "What about me? I do not have a supportive family or the option to stay at home."  We live in a fallen world, so there are situations when stay-at-home daughterhood is not possible.  I urge you to pray and seek the Lord!  He can turn a hard situation into a good one. 

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” James 1:5
I know it is sometimes hard to wait on the Lord...but,
“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14
I know He will honor your willingness to let Him lead you.
Every journey is different...concerning what the Lord has planned.  A college education is not for everyone, but
I urge you to embrace the call of daughterhood
1. Allow the Lord to lead you...daughterhood applies to every girl!  :)
2. Daughters have such an influential part in the family...use this season in your life to bring Him glory! 
3. Be thankful for your father's protection and the freedom it gives. 
4. Don't get caught up in living to the world's standards and doing what is "culturally correct"...choose God's best.
In my own life, I am still seeking what the Lord wants me to do.  I have enough credits for an Associate's degree, but right now, I am continuing to pursue my Bachelor's.  There are so many options!  I need the Lord's direction...His perfect plan.  I covet your prayers! 
If you have any questions, please comment or email me at:
Blessings as you seek His will...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayer-Engaging in the Battle


The Lord has been revealing to me the power of prayer.  A few weeks ago, I read, "This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti.  I highly recommend it, though be is not for the faint at heart!  After the first three chapters, my prayer life was changed.  Sometimes, we need a "visual" image to help us understand.  Actually "seeing" the spiritual warfare and the impact of prayer makes you want to engage in the battle.  Prayer is not easy and Satan wants to distract us from using our source of strength.
   “Depend upon it, if you are bent on prayer, the devil will not leave you alone. He will molest you, tantalize you, block you, and will surely find some hindrances, big or little or both. And we sometimes fail because we are ignorant of his devices…I do not think he minds our praying about things if we leave it at that. What he minds, and opposes steadily, is the prayer that prays on until it is prayed through, assured of the answer.” Mary Warburton Booth
In a battle, you do not fire only one shot and then think you have done your part.  You are constantly penetrating the enemy, fighting for the good.  Prayer is so much more that just a little is talking to our Father, Creator, Sustainer, Healer, Almighty God.  I have been guilty, in my prayer life, of just getting it done and checking it off the list.  When that happens, I am missing out on communing with my Savior and interceding on behalf of my family in Christ.
" Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints..." (Ephesians 6:18)
"Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees."
Corrie ten Boom
I encourage you to talk to the Lord, during your quiet time, but also throughout the day.  Bring the little problems to Him and grow in your fellowship.  He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.  Also, use your time of prayer to praise Him!  If you are a child of the King, we have so much to be thankful for!   
I have definitely not arrived, in this area, and it is a daily struggle, but I purpose to strive to engage in the battle!  I encourage you to is our strength!
 "...[the] power of prayer can never be overrated. They who cannot serve God by preaching need not regret. If a man can but pray he can do anything. He who knows how to overcome with God in prayer has Heaven and earth at his disposal." Charles H. Spurgeon


Remaining in Him,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

For starters...

For starters, I suppose I should introduce myself.  :)
I'm Taylor and I am a 17 year old, homeschool graduate.  My "occupation" is a stay-at-home daughter.  I am currently earning my degree through CLEPing, which enables me to be under my father's protection.  (As a side note, I wouldn't have it any other way!)  I am so grateful to be a child of the King and thankful for the blessing of a wonderful family. 
Over the past year, the Lord has burdened me over embracing our roles as daughters.  In our culture, it is acceptable (and commended) for us, girls, to go out into the world and just "wing-it."  I feel, instead, the Lord has much higher plans and will lead us, if we let Him.  I look forward to sharing what the Lord is teaching me... 
Many blessings!