Monday, March 26, 2012

The Blessing of Obedience

Let me start by saying...the Lord is always on time...He is always faithful...we just have to trust Him!

Today, we were blessed by someone's obedience to the Lord.  For awhile, we have been looking for a tiller for the garden.  We usually have to borrow one, but we really needed one of our own. 

This afternoon, someone pulled into our driveway and took this off the back of his truck...

(Please excuse my lovely attire...I wasn't planning on having a picture made.)  :)

Can you say, "What a blessing!"  The man said he found out that we needed one and the Lord told him to get it for us.  His obedience was an answered prayer...through him, the Lord provided us with a tiller!  He could have easily made excuses on why he shouldn't/couldn't, but he obeyed the Lord's prompting.  What a lesson on obeying, when the Lord tells us to do something...

Again, the Lord is ALWAYS on time...He is ALWAYS faithful...we just have to TRUST Him!

Thanking Him for His faithfulness,

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