Friday, March 9, 2012

The "Birds Nest" Necklace Charm

I wanted to share my latest project, but it doesn't include sewing.  It's beading!

I used to bead all the time (several years ago, before I really got into sewing).  I haven't in years!  Recently, I have seen these little necklace charms floating around in the crafty-blogging world.  I think they are so sweet and special!  They are "birds nest" necklaces...the little "eggs" stand for a mother's children.

Here are some little "nests" I made...

I made this one for my Momma...I can't wait until we get the boys! 

Here is one I tried using different colored beads.

The one with the blue beads is approximately 3/4" (or 2 cm) and the other is a tad smaller.  Each one is unique and easy to personalize, depending on your family's size.  They would make special gifts! 

Have a blessed weekend!

Much love,

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